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VYI Volleyball is 100% volunteer.  Player success is largely due to the commitment of volunteers to share their time in any of a few ways:

1. Building Directors, who monitor gyms during practices and games. Fairfax County entrusts the gyms to VYI on the basis that VYI will provide volunteer Building Directors to patrol gyms and keep them safe while VYI occupies the space. BDs are expected to not allow food or drink in gyms and to make sure that any siblings who are brought to practice (not encouraged) are not disruptive and do not cause any damage.

We need a parent from each player family to serve as a building director, typically for a few games/practices per season. The commitment is easy, and requires a short ~10 minute registration/test (on the Register Online link) to ensure the parent understands their responsibilities. BD STUDY QUESTIONS

If neither parent volunteers as a building director, we require the payment of a $35 Non-Volunteer Fee. This fee is a deterrent and would help defray the cost of county employees monitoring gyms, which would be required absent enough parent volunteers.

2. Coaches, who coach players positively in practices and games. No experience is necessary for House coaching, but those with volleyball experience (or motivation to learn) are especially sought out. VYI Volleyball offers mentoring, coaching clinics, and training materials for prospective coaches.  If you have any doubts, read the following inspiring note written by a first time coach. The time commitment is about 3 hours per week for an ~8 week season.

3. Age Group Coordinators, who help their age group run smoothly. Tasks include helping the commissioner create balanced teams while attempting to honor requests (basic MS Excel spreadsheet skills helpful), recruiting parent coaches, helping distribute and collect shirts and volleyballs to/from coaches, and helping with coach/parent communication for the age group. The time commitment is about 5-10 hours over the course of the season, including a few hours making teams.

4. Ref Coordinator, who communicates with referees (recruiting is already covered) and reiterates expectations of them, sets up online ref signups for standard scheduled activities, and confirms/summarizes ref hours worked to assist the commissioner with payment.

5. Assistant Commissioner(s), who help the commissioner with a flexible range of activities, such as responding to questions emailed to, ordering/picking up shirts and trophies, designing an awards / all-stars t-shirts, updating the website, scheduling, etc.

6. League Commissioner, who manages the volleyball league overall. If you are interested contact the Chief Operating Officer-Gym Sports, Jay Brigham at . The commissioner runs the league including; updating League Athletics software which helps manage the league, conducting Travel/Select tryouts, assigning coaches and players to teams, setting schedules, and enforces rules. This commitment requires about 40 hours over a five month period, or about 2-4 hours per week.