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To qualify for a full or partial refund, the parent of the participant must contact the sport's commissioner by filling out the form in the left hand menu of the specific sport page titled "Parent Refund Request". A copy of the submission will be sent automatically to the VYI Treasurer and the league commissioner. 

If, after submitting the "Parent Refund Request" form, you do not receive a response within 5 business days, please be sure the sport commissioner has received your request. 


Refunds are granted within the guidelines and time frames listed below.

1. Refunds are not provided after 7 days prior to any scheduled clinic.

2 To receive a full or partial refund for a season registration, the "Parent Refund Request" form must be submitted by the dates below. No refunds will be issued when requests are made after these dates:

  • September 15th (fall) or April 10th (spring) for full refund (intended to allow time for teams to be formed and practice/match days announced)
  • September 30th (fall) or April 15th (spring) for a 50% partial refund.

3. At the sole discretion of the sport commissioner, other rare cases may be considered for full refunds. For example, if VYI is unable to field a team due to lack of coaches/players, refunds may be issued to those unable to play.

4. Refunds do not include any processing fees, non-VYI fees or VYI purchases directly related to the individual registered. Costs deducted may include County fees, VYI fees, or specific uniform or equipment fees committed to by VYI on registration.

5. Partial refunds may be granted for non-volunteer fees due to parental disability, provided a letter from a family doctor or explanatory email describing the disability to the satisfaction of VYI is sent to VYI along with a Parent Refund Request form.

6. Refund amounts and guidelines are determined by the sport's commissioner. Due to varying levels of costs, advance purchasing requirements for equipment and uniforms, fees paid to governing bodies, and the overall organizational costs of realigning teams, each sport determines the impact of withdrawal from the program and sets refund amounts and dates accordingly.

7. Refunds are NOT provided because families cannot, or will not, accommodate their schedules to VYI practice or game times and refunds are not provided because the league will not accommodate a specific coach/team request or car pool request, except within the dates and for the amounts shown in the guidelines above. In addition, injuries are a part of all sports at any level and are not generally considered as a reason for a refund, except within the dates and for the amounts shown in the guidelines above.

8.  For any sport that loans or rents equipment to the participant, no refund will be issued until said equipment has been verified as returned.

9. VYI reserves the right to change this policy at any time and to deny or approve a refund for any reason. We strive for consistency and fairness and will evaluate every request objectively. However, there may be circumstances that VYI did not foresee when forming this refund policy, that may require us to deny or approve a particular refund request or to change the refund policy.

10. VYI will make every attempt to be consistent across this website. The commissioner for volleyball will have the final determination as to which policy takes precedence. If you find an inconsistency, whether related to this policy or other web content, please report it to .


      1. If player was selected and then chooses to play for another club, parents have until midnight on the second Friday of the tryout period to request a full refund.

      2. If player was selected and subsequently quits the team, no refunds will be provided.

      3. If player was selected and subsequently decides to play House instead of Select, an additional $30 late fee will apply. The player will be placed on the Wait List until a position of someone with similar skills becomes available on a team.

      4. If player was not selected, a refund will be provided as follows:

           a) prior to Midnight April 1, full amount paid.

           b) from Midnight April 11 through April 15, 50% of amount paid.

           c) after April 15  NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED.