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Volunteer Building Director

As part of your volunteer commitment to VYI Volleyball, parents can elect to serve as a Volunteer Building Director (VBD).  This is an official role required by the Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) organization in order for VYI to use school facilities.  Each team needs at least 2 VBD's who are not also coaches.


Building Director Guidelines

Building Directors are generally assigned to one or two practice or game periods in a season when your player is scheduled -- the commitment is small and you may be already be present anyway to watch a match.

In the past, VYI has required every parent, including husbands and wives, whose child is participating in VYI Volleyball to be available as a Building Director or to pay the $35 per parent per child non-volunteer fee. In Fall 2018, VYI Volleyball is piloting a "one parent per family" policy to simplify registration and ease the administrative burden on families. If we don't get enough building directors at the $35 non-volunteer fee (at max one fee per family), we may have to increase the fee or return to the two-parent policy.

Coaches must also be Building Directors.

A Volunteer Building Director's duties include monitoring the gym during their assigned practice or game periods to ensure siblings of players are not running wildly in the school or misbehaving on school property and that no food or drink is brought into the gym (see guidelines below for details).

To become a Volunteer Building Director a parent must review the following information and take the test on this site (click on "Register Online" to find the test), which will qualify you. Those applying for a registration fee waiver must still serve as a Building Director or pay the non-volunteer fee.

NOTE: If while monitoring a gym for VYI you are told by a NCS employee that they have no record of your taking the test, tell them you took the test on VYI's website.

Please read the information below carefully before taking the test.

1.      A Volunteer Building Director (VBD) is needed to police the gyms to be sure that the gyms are protected from misuse. Volunteers are required because the added expense to Fairfax County would be too great. If VBDs do not do their job, Fairfax County will install a paid BD and will charge the program for that cost.

2.      The VBD is responsible for performing facility inspections, enforcing rules and regulations, requiring participants to stay in the gym and be orderly, ensuring balls are not bounced in hallways, establishing a good relationship with school personnel, not allowing tobacco or alcohol on school property, and submitting various reports in a timely fashion.

3.      The VBD should arrive at the facility about 10 minutes in advance to perform a facility inspection, including checking for such hazardous conditions as wet floors and broken or hazardous equipment. The inspection is required to set a baseline on the condition of the gym because without an advance inspection, problems in the gym can be blamed on VYI even though we may not have caused them. It is important that this inspection be completed in advance, and any issues shared with a custodian, if at all possible.

4.      VBDs are also responsible for ensuring a timely departure, helping to collect equipment, cleaning area, and a final inspection.

5.      Sports groups may not throw, kick or propel balls on goal, conduct scrimmages or do anything to cause damage to the gym. Programs such as baseball, softball and soccer may use gyms for conditioning. Gym users may not use any equipment except basketball goals and volleyball standards.

6.      A custodian must lock and unlock doors, operate lighting and air conditioning, open and close dividers, raise or lower basketball goals and set up any miscellaneous equipment. VBDs may not do these tasks. Gym users may not use any school equipment other than basketball goals and volleyball standards.

7.    Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) has rules that must be followed to include: participants must park in designated areas, food or drink is not allowed in gyms, all participants must remain in the gym, participants must enter through one specified door, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited and bouncing balls in the hallways is not allowed.

8.      If there is an incident, the Building Director should fill out the “Incident Report Form” by the next business day and notify the sport commissioner. An incident is any significant accident/incident requiring extensive first aid, calling an outside agency such as ENTs, or an altercation. The form should include information on any scheduling conflicts, property damage, altercations, injuries, or other significant incidents causing disruption to the flow of practice or games. The form should also include information on any school property damage uncovered during the VBDs scheduled period of service.

9.      The telephone number to report after hours usage conflicts and emergencies is 703-324-5515.

10.  The area supervisor will visit facilities on a regular basis to inspect the facility, check in with custodians, identify the VBD by name and provide assistance and guidance as needed.

11.  If a basketball rim is broken during your gym assignment notify the custodian, fill out a Damage Report, call the duty supervisor at NCS and notify your league commissioner.

12.  The VBD should call the duty supervisor at NCS when there is a scheduling conflict with the gym that cannot be easily resolved, if a serious altercation occurs, or if you need assistance of any type.

13. Outdoor sports groups are only allowed to run conditioning programs in gyms.

Look in the left hand menu on this site and click on the menu item entitled "Register Online" , scroll to the bottom of the registrations until you find "Building Director Test",  and take that test, which if passed, qualifies use as a VYI Volunteer Building Director. Accident Report.pdf Facility Property Damage Report.pdf