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Welcome to Vienna Youth Volleyball

Welcome to VYI Volleyball!  

Thanks for being part of the VYI volleyball family for this fall season. It takes a host of volunteers to make the season possible an my sincere thanks all of them including the coaches, commissioners, support staff, and others that helped us get through another season. 

Please take a moment to provide us feedback on the season at the link below. We review it after each season to try and improve for the next one.

 We'll consolidate the feedback on Dec 3rd, so please complete it by then if possible. We'll get started again in the spring---- registration will probably open in Feb and the season will begin in March.


 For MS girls travel, we plan on participating in the SYA travel league. For Boys, we'll play in the Nova Boys League or MYA league. 

  • Teams will be formed by March when practices begin.
  • Once your child is assigned to a team, your coach will contact you with practice details before the first practice  
  • In the registration for you can make one special request (day of the week for practice, preferred coach, specific teammate for carpools,etc).  We'll try to meet that request but if we cant... you can request a refund per the refund policy.
  • If the scheduling doesn't work for your family, you can request a full refund by 10 April
  • The season will continue until early/mid June. 
  • Typically one practice a week, and one game a week once the season starts.  We'll try to do occasional skills clinics as well.

Please consider volunteering to coach, helping with admin to run the league, or with other capacities. We are a volunteer run organization and without volunteers, this league would not exist. This is primarily a house league to teach teamwork, fundamentals, and sportsmanship.  Please set a great example for your kids so they grow to enjoy the sport in a low pressure environment.  

If you have age group specific questions for leagues, please contact your age group commissioners. 

High School: Jennifer Goubeaux  
Middle School: Laurie Lutz            
6th Grade: Mary Wong                   
4th/5th Grades: Suzy Thompson    
Boys: Jeff Kristick                          

Thanks & let's get ready to play!

Tim Kao


Programs / General Info

SI PLAY is now Sports Signup Play

Schedules can change due to gym cancellations for school events and other conflicts. We lose 20% of gym space during the season, sometimes on short notice

When teams are made in early September, get Sports Signup Play (or update SI Play if you already have it) at your app store. It's the easiest way to keep up with changing schedules and takes one minute to get set up. Sign in with the email and password you use on

You'll be able to look up your team and schedule on the SI Play app. Schedules will populate as they are set. Trust the app.

If you already have SI Play, you will need update the app and/or sign out and sign back in to refresh and see your new team (tap More... then scroll down and Log Out... then sign back in). If you still can't see your team, it probably means you have multiple VYI member IDs or multiple email addresses. Email



  • Grades 4-5 / Grade 6: House league. Co-ed, beginner to intermediate, no prior experience needed. One weekday match or weekend match, and one weekday practice (1 hr) per week.
  • Middle School:
    • House League.  Co-ed, beginner to intermediate; no prior experience needed.  One weekend match and one weekday practice per week.
    • Travel League Girls.  Most competitive; tryouts required.  6th graders may try out.  Club players ARE eligible.  Matches one day a week.  2 practices/week.
  • High School (girls only, Spring only):
    • Spring House league.  Beginner to intermediate; no prior experience needed.  1 practice/wk
    • Spring HS Travel: Tryouts required.  Club Players are eligible.  Matches one day a week.  2 practices/week.

More info on programs, levels, and fees here.

Questions? email the age group commissioners at:

Age Group Commissioners:

High School: Jennifer Goubeaux  
Middle School: Laurie Lutz            
6th Grade: Mary Wong                   
4th/5th Grades: Suzy Thompson    
Boys: Jeff Kristick                          
Or the Volleyball Commissioner:
Tim Kao         or 

by Vienna Youth Volleyball posted 11/17/2018
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